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Canadian Pro Rodeo Sport Medicine Team

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The 7th Annual Canadian Cowboy Classic Golf Tournament is in support of the Canadian Pro Rodeo Sport Medicine Team. All proceeds raised go directly to the not-for-profit organization. The team strives to help athletes in their rodeo careers by providing care before, during or after each performance, as necessary. Sport Medicine helps educate competitors and enables them to
take better care of themselves and their injuries to ensure they get the most out of their rodeo season. Every year it costs our team almost $500,000 to provide care, supplies, and service to over 180 performance of rodeo, bull riding, and rodeo schools.

This golf tournament fundraiser and several others we do throughout the year are vital to help offset the cost for these committees. The funds from this year will go towards continued funding of our youth initiative as well as our education programs to continue to make rodeo safer. 
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