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Canadian Pro Rodeo Sport Medicine Team

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Welcome to the 8th Annual Canadian Cowboy Classic Golf Tournament, a heartfelt endeavor in support of the Canadian Pro Rodeo Sport Medicine Team. Every dollar raised at this event directly bolsters our not-for-profit organization, dedicated to enhancing the well-being of rodeo athletes throughout their careers.

Our mission is clear: to stand by rodeo athletes, offering vital care and support before, during, and after each performance. Through the expertise of sports medicine, we educate competitors on injury prevention and self-care, ensuring they can maximize their potential throughout the rodeo season.

Operating at a yearly cost nearing $500,000, our team delivers crucial care, supplies, and services to over 180 rodeo events, bull riding spectacles, and rodeo schools. Events like this golf tournament are lifelines, essential in offsetting the financial burdens we face.

Proceeds from this year's tournament will be dedicated to sustaining our youth initiative and expanding our educational programs, furthering our commitment to making rodeo a safer sport for all involved.

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